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Institute for Motivating Self-Employment (IMSE)
India, despite being rich in human and natural resources, is home to the largest number of hungry and malnourished people in the world. The worst affected are rural dwellers, women. Children and indigenous communities who mainly derive their livelihoods from primary activities like agriculture, fishing, gathering etc. Hunger in India co-exists with abundance in food production which indicates that underlying causes of hunger and poverty rest not in total amount of food production but in structural inequality, discrimination, faulty policies and lack of inclusive governance.

IMSE, a new school of social action, believes that poverty eradication and addressing hunger would be possible only by creating an enabling environment and pro-people policy reforms. To this end, since its inception, IMSE has been trying to combine developmental activities with mass action to bring about concrete social change. This necessitates a paradigm shift, which is food sovereignty.           Read more>>

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