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Economic Empowerment

Social Action

Human Rights Education

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Social Action and Political Movement

IMSE motivates and mobilises victims of violations of rights, to assert themselves through peaceful democratic means.

It works for strengthening grassroots level governance and effective participation of poor, particularly women, in decision-making process, so that they can decide their development priority.

The organisation also provides free legal aid to victims of forceful land acquisition and domestic violence through its counseling centers in different districts of Bengal.

IMSE led several large-scale movements for promotion of unionisation among unorganised poor workers, particularly among non-farm rural workers, against non-implementation of minimum wages, in favour of land reform policies as well as against eviction of poor and destruction of their livelihood.

IMSE has played a pioneering role in facilitating various social movements. RTI applications were also filed by Food First Information and Action Network (FIAN) West Bengal with IMSE's support to facilitate the process. IMSE has conducted International Fact Finding Missions in various places where eminent personalities from abroad took part. Furthermore, IMSE also conducted an International Peoples' Tribunal where honorable judges from all over India were present along with the victim groups. Several mass conventions were also held highlighting the issues of toiling peasants.

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