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Economic Empowerment

Social Action

Human Rights Education

Research and Documentation



A few network partners of IMSE

State level

Social Watch West Bengal, Food First Information and Action Network, West Bengal (FIAN, WB), Right to Information Network (WB), Forum of Voluntary Organisations -WB, Indian Federation of Toiling Peasants, East Coast Fish Workers' Union, Peoples Action Network for National Integration and Communal Harmony, Committee to Assist the Mass Struggle Against SEZ, Rural Exploitation and Atrocities Prevention Forum in Orissa and West Bengal Election Watch.

National level and International level

SANSAD, World Forum of Fish Workers and Fish Harvesters, International Planning Committee, Pesticide Action Network Asia, Asia Pacific Research Network, People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty, South Asian Peasants Coalition, Asian Peasants Coalition, Food Sovereignty Network India, Food Sovereignty Network South Asia (FSNSA),Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication, Asia Solidarity against Industrial Aquaculture and Deutsche Kolkata Groupee and Green Grants Fund. The organisation (IMSE) also has links with FAO of United Nations and United Nations Human Rights Council.


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