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Economic Empowerment

Social Action

Human Rights Education

Research and Documentation


IMSE - Programs & Activities

IMSE's major programs center on creating awareness among the rural poor, especially women, regarding their basic human rights and responsibilities, health/sanitation and literacy. It also organizes training for gainful self-employment and leadership development.

Economic Empowerment
IMSE implements economic empowerment program among 43000 rural poor women living below poverty level in Eastern India.           Read more>>

Social Action and Political movement
IMSE motivates and mobilizes victims of violations of rights, socially oppressed classes and women to assert their rights through peaceful democratic means.             Read more>>

Human rights education
In coordination with the Food First Information and Action Network (FIAN), IMSE undertakes various human rights education activities such as seminars and rallies.   Read more>>

Research and documentation on post-land reform
IMSE is tackling the second generation problems of land reforms in West Bengal.   Read more>>

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