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Current Projects/Programs

  • Advocacy and lobby work for promotion of genuine agrarian reforms in India.

  • Promotion of Right to Food (RTF) by mainstreaming Voluntary Guidelines on Right to Food (VGRF) through training, advocacy and lobby at both the micro and macro levels.

  • Mapping and monitoring SEZ expansion and its impact on livelihood in West Bengal.

  • Rain water harvesting.

  • Agro-fuel expansion and violations of RTF.

  • Documentation of cases manifesting climate change in the Sunderbans.

  • Economic empowerment of poor women through self-help group programmes and Rural Industries Development program.

  • Health programmes, including mother and child care programs, rejuvenating alternative (tribal) medicare system.

  • Empowerment and capacity building of rural actors for good governance through, training, social audit, training of Panchayat functionaries.

  • Running short stay home for destitute women and rehabilitating them socially and economically.

  • Campaign against corporate-driven model of agriculture and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Empowering peasant and fisher workers through co-operatives and unions to fight against neo-liberal state policies that hamper livelihood.

  • Working among foundry sector in Howrah for protecting labour rights and rejuvenating this ailing industry with the help of a multi stakeholders' approach.

  • Expressing solidarity and initiating campaigns for people's movements against violation of rights.

  • River Water Management and Village Planning to ensure people-centered development policy framing.


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