Pre-Primary Education Centres

IMSE successfully runs a few pre-primary education centres called Ankur in Birbhum in West Bengal, Jharkhand and Odisha. This programme drew the wide spread attention of the workers of the unorganized sector in rural areas. Rural Education in India is of utmost importance as a vast majority lives in the rural belts away from the light of education. "The Real India lives in villages" - thus to provide a better future to our country we need to educate the rural population from the roots i.e. the kids who are our future.

IMSE believes that charity begins at home and so IMSE has opened up its doors at the Labpur Campus in the district of Birbhum, a pre primary school named "ANKUR" more than a decade ago. The school operates from early morning till noon, the children of the daily wage earners now have a place to study at no cost and the parents feel relieved as the school takes care of their children alongside educating them while they are busy working in the field or somewhere else. Usually these children are unfortunate to receive elementary education as almost all of them hail from a family of the poorest of poor where education seems a luxury instead of a necessity. We have provided a large classroom for the student (The head count is increasing each month, which is highly encouraging!). IMSE provides the children with the following facilities:

■  A pollution free environment as IMSE Campus is a totally pollution free zone.

■  Two dedicated full time Montessori trained teachers

■  Campus visits are arranged for the students as IMSE has a sprawling campus with ample greenery and the students learn naming fruits and flowers practically

■  Two classrooms large enough to accommodate 25 students each.

■  School uniforms and study materials.

Keeping in view the increased number of students and enthusiastic parents we wish to provide the children with better facilities for which we wish to implement the following:

■  Set up a children's park in our campus as there is no children's park in the whole village!

■  Provide better study materials to the students.

■  Better sitting arrangements with kid sized tables and chairs.

■  Renovate the classrooms with bright colours and posters.

■  Introduce indoor games that would increase their IQ level.

And there are many people who are coming forward and encouraging us which is highly commendable.